Cupcakes & Co offers the best cupcake in town! Our delicious treats are heavily steeped in All-American tradition with a fusion of Asian and European flavors. Inherently international, uniquely traditional, amazingly wonderful cupcakes!

*1 flavor per dozen

Gourmet Cupcakes Price

  • Regular size cupcakes$3.25 each (minimum of 1 dozen)

  • Mini cupcakes$1.75 each (minimum of 2 dozens)


  • Chocolate w/ cream cheese frosting

A rich valhrona dark chocolate cupcake, topped with silky chocolate buttercream and velvety valhrona chocolate pearls.

  • Triple Chocolate

Our chocolate cupcakes are decadently covered in ganache, chocolate buttercream and chocolate curls.

  • Black Bottom

This cupcake features the coolness of cream cheese melded within a rich chocolate chip cupcake; and as if that weren’t enough we’ve dolled it up with a milk chocolate ganache and piled on valhrona chocolate sprinkles.

  • Mocha

Our sinfully rich valhrona chocolate cupcake is featured in an all new get up. We’ve added a touch of espresso to our chocolate cupcake and slathered on coffee buttercream.

  • Espresso

The bold flavor of espresso is the center of attention in this treat, enhanced with smooth chocolate ganache and capped with espresso buttercream.

  • Raspberry Choco

Chocolate cupcake with sweet raspberry buttercream. (Seasonal)

  • Chocolate

Devil’s food cupcake filled with bittersweet chocolate ganache topped with chocolate buttercream.

  • Red Velvet

Lush red velvet cake slathered with rich cream cheese frosting have just the right amount of sweetness; and sprinkles of little red lips add a touch of attitude to this sassy cupcake.

  • Red Velvet w/ Raspberry cream cheese frosting

A traditional southern treat with a twist; red velvet cupcake with whipped raspberry cream cheese frosting.

  • Banana Nut Cake

With every bite the taste of ripened bananas emanates into your mouth and the crunchy toasted walnuts is a perfect contrast to the smoothness of the cream cheese frosting.

  • Carrot Cake

Bunnies and people alike will go hippity hoppity for these tasty delights. The cupcakes are crammed with shredded carrots and topped with our signature sweet cream cheese frosting.

  • Lemon Cake

Our soft white cupcake is filled with tart lemon curd, and crowned with our velvety cream cheese frosting and embellished with fresh raspberries.

  • Strawberry

Fresh strawberry bits are baked into the pink cake then topped with cream cheese frosting and a fresh piece of strawberry.

  • Vanilla

These delightful treats are so unique. We start with our rich vanilla cupcakes then fill them with Crème Brulée and topped with our buttercream.

  • Purple Yam

Ahhh, the taste of the exotic, the taste of the Orient. The taste of purple yam (Ube), is truly different. It’s very similar to the Hawaiian’s Taro root. Our purple yam cupcake is gently sweet and we add an intense ube cream to really bring out the Asian flavor. Then we top it off with our whipped cream frosting to hold it all together. And yes, it really is naturally purple.

  • German Chocolate

Crunchy pecans, chewy coconut melded together by caramel, contrast against our sinful chocolate cake and silky ganache filling.

we would like to encourage you to view our gallery for examples of gourmet cupcakes