Cupcakes & Company is a unique bakeshop specializing in cupcakes, influenced by an ever popular Asian-Euro Fusion concept.  Although our main products, cupcakes, are heavily steeped in an All-American tradition our flavors and approach to making the products are inherently international.

     This means our products are made fresh daily with no added preservatives or artificial flavorings.  Our cupcakes & pastries are made in the craftsman style, in small batches and no pre-mixed batters, ever.  Without compromising taste for convenience Cupcakes & Company will be recognized for our unique flavor offerings and exceptional customer service.

     Some of our interesting tastes are deeply rooted in Asian cuisine, such as:  Purple Yam (Ube), which is very similar to the Hawaiian Taro Root, Manila Mango and Zen (Green Tea).  At Cupcakes & Company, we recognize that the American palate is more adventurous and we want to be the first to introduce new tastes to the culture.

     The European style is easily recognizable in the Italian Buttercream we create and Artisanal methods of product preparation.  Rather than the firm American Buttercream, which is usually made using heavy confectioner’s sugar, we make sugar syrup and add egg whites to the frosting, ensuring our toppings are light as air and not overly sweet.  At Cupcakes & Company our goal is to satisfy your sweet tooth, not create tooth aches.

     Also, we use only the best ingredients we can procure and we feel that the superior cocoas and imported toppings from around the world give us a definite edge over the competition.  Rather than topping our cupcakes with plain sugared sprinkles, we use Valrhona sprinkles or pearls, which are made with pure chocolate or make a creative design from chocolates by hand.  Some of the top grade ingredients we use are:  Dutch Black Cocoa, Valrhona Cocoa, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla and Dark Muscovado Sugar.

     To ensure optimal freshness and to emphasis all natural ingredients our cupcakes made using fruit or other produce are never frozen.  Our banana cupcakes are made by mashing real bananas, our carrots are hand shredded for the “Bunny Treats” and some products are seasonally based because we would never compromise our promise for freshness.

     We would like to encourage you to view our gallery whereyou can see the many works of art we've created as veterans in the industry